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Hello, I am Tarra Sullivan and it is my pleasure to introduce Glynn-Tarra Cookies. These small batch, soft centered cookies are made fresh each day at our VDACS approved facility just outside Leesburg, Virginia with only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. The cookies are certified Virginia’s Finest and come in two flavors, Glynn’s Gingers and Tarra’s Sugars.


Glynn-Tarra Cookies are offered by two baker’s dozen as well as in beautiful white gift boxes and personalized favors. Our cookies are great for individual consumption as well as an office setting, wedding, party or other event.  I am passionate about creating these delicious cookies and beautiful gifts as well as supporting AIDS Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness.


Glynn-Tarra Cookies is dedicated to gaining the privilege of business by offering great quality products and service while extending compassion and kindness to all.  Thank you for taking your time to visit Glynn-Tarra Cookies.  Please enjoy my cookies and join me to support AIDS Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness.


Cookies and love to all from,


Tarra L. Sullivan


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For you, Dad, Glynn-Tarra Cookies and my never-ending thanks for believing in me.
        William “Buddy” Moreland (1932-2013)

Our Story

“No matter what, Glynn was always there for me. As my inspiration and role model, he continues on this journey with me as the driving force behind Glynn-Tarra Cookies.”

Glynn-Tarra Cookies take owner, Tarra Sullivan on a journey back to the wonderful memories of her childhood. That’s when she along with her brother, Glynn would crawl up on the old feather tick sofa at their great-grandmother’s house in Virginia and share homemade ginger cookies each Sunday after church. Glynn especially, loved her ginger cookies and were always his absolute favorite.


After Glynn died in 1995 of AIDS, Tarra struggled to find a way to honor his memory and continue his fight.  As her mind wandered back to their happy childhood, growing up as farm kids on their grandparents beloved Glynn-Tarra Farm, she remembered how Glynn loved his ginger cookies. Always keeping him near and dear to her heart, she set about creating her own recipe to recreate his favorite cookie.  Her goal was to recapture the soft, chewy center along with the perfect blend of spice and she succeeded!  Glynn’s Gingers were born.


In 2012, Tarra’s cookie plans were interrupted by her breast cancer diagnosis.  During the time of her recovery, she developed Tarra’s Sugars.  Her goal when creating this sugar cookie was to create a cookie that would be similar in comparison to the texture of Glynn’s Gingers.  Once again, it was key to capture the soft, chewy center with the perfect blend of flavor. Developed to her satisfaction, she found it only fitting Tarra’s Sugars be offered in honor of all The Fighters, The Survivors and The Taken of Breast Cancer.


When Glynn’s Gingers and Tarra’s Sugars were perfected and Tarra’s father, Buddy passed in 2013, she knew it was her sign to start doing business as Glynn-Tarra Cookies in remembrance of him.  Today, both Glynn and Buddy are the driving force behind Glynn-Tarra Cookies. Glynn’s creative talent and impeccable taste, Buddy’s determination and work ethic, along with the kindness they extended to everyone are key examples to follow each and every day.  Work hard, create delicious and beautiful products while offering great service with compassion to all are the focus at Glynn-Tarra Cookies.  A true reflection of both, Buddy and Glynn.


Embracing life events with a positive attitude throughout this journey have made all the difference.  Tarra’s treasured childhood memories, her love for Glynn and her father, the illnesses and great loss, along with her compassion for others are the key ingredients as to what make Glynn-Tarra Cookies beyond special.   These delicious cookies will take you back to the comforts of Grandma’s kitchen where homemade goodness and an abundance of love are found.


Our Cookies

2 Baker’s Dozen Gift Box:  $22.95 (shipping not included)

Glynn-Tarra Cookies will take you back to the comforts of Grandma’s kitchen where homemade goodness is found.

Glynn's Gingers

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Glynn-Tarra Cookies are processed in a VDACS approved facility that manufactures products containing milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

Tarra's Sugars

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Glynn-Tarra Cookies are processed in a VDACS approved facility that manufactures products containing milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

Our Gifts

Our gift box of Glynn-Tarra Cookies includes two baker’s dozen of Glynn’s Gingers or Tarra’s Sugars. The cookies are in sealed packaging and presented in a bright white gift box.  For a final elegant touch, the gift boxes are adorned with a beautiful hand-tied bow to accent your occasion.

2 Baker’s Dozen Gift Box: $22.95 (shipping and applicable Virginia sales tax not included)

” It’s not about the amount of money you spend on a gift for someone, it’s the thought behind it.”  TLS

Our Favors

Our Glynn-Tarra Cookies are incorporated into personalized favors and elegantly presented in creative packaging to accommodate your need. These favors are perfect for parties, weddings, corporate and charity events as well as any other occasion.  We will consult with you to incorporate themes, colors and/or logos to personalize and help you create the perfect gift.


Please call 703-669-GIFT(4438) for more information 

“Dad always encouraged me to be generous and kind and in turn, it will come back to you.” TLS


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All orders are shipped and delivered by Fedex Ground Service.  Monday thru Friday in the continental United States only.  Please allow five days for the delivery of your package to arrive after shipment and several days more for deliveries to the West Coast.  Expedited shipping services are available at an additional cost.  Please contact us with questions regarding other shipping options and allow additonal shipping time during busy holiday seasons.  We do not ship outside the United States or to PO Boxes, APO, Hospitals or Hotels.

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Once your order is received, it will be reviewed and shipped within two business days from the time of receipt.  In the event, you want your order shipped for a future date out, please specify.

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